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We have 2 labels for the same mustard. Because some classy people only buy the ORIGINAL, while another kind of classy people only want STUPID POISON MUSTARD. They are both exquisitely made by the finest people using the finest ingredients. Sweet and hot - made with coconut oil. Once upon a time, we made it with butter, but now we don't. 


Then there's LAVA - "all heat - no sweet". And can't be beat...UPDATE: You can't have LAVA til COVID passes. Because it broke the supply chain. 


Wholesale gold! Check out "Buyers" tab for wholesale Goldrushians!

If you haven't already, looky what D Magazine says: 


     Hello "miners", 


You're one step closer to the  treasure you've been searching for.  The GoldRush is on!  We're ALWAYS under construction  -  but, you can contact us on the CONTACT Page and buy GoldRush Mustard  on the SHOP & CART Page, and read stuff . You need to get you some GoldRush Mustard muy pronto. You've had to wait so long! 



Thar's gold in them thar jars... 








For the seeker of quality taste...






6333 Mockingbird Ln, Ste 147-550, Dallas TX 75214


facebook, instagram, pinterest & the Twitter/goldrushmustard 

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