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Mustard and Moms

Which came first? The mustard or the mom? 


A Tale of Two Mommies...


First, there's my mother, who's the inspiration behind the GoldRush endeavor. Know why GoldRush is so good? Because my mom made it. And she never gave the recipe away. As one recent GoldRusher said, "Your mother was a genius!" 


Then, there's the first GoldRush Baby! Here's Thomas:














Thomas' marvelous mom, Amy, got hooked on GoldRush just a few weeks before she delivered this gorgeous guy. She came to our first Lakeside market, got her jar of Gold, and showed up 2 weeks later at our second Lakeside market, in a somewhat agitated state - she was OUT OF GOLDRUSH AND her baby was due in 4 days!!!  Her husband verified that she was indeed a new GoldRush "User" - "she puts it on everything! She was so worried you weren't going to be here today!" At our third Lakeside gig, Amy brought her fresh new baby to meet us!!!!! What a treat! And how serendipitous that Employee 1.5 was there with his fancy camera that day. 



GoldRush loves moms!

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