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sTuPId poison MUstARd



You give a friend some mustard, some reeeally good sweet-hot mustard that you make from your mother's top secret recipe. Then the friend runs out of mustard and you have to make more. You keep giving your friend more and more mustard until one day you snap. You pour that warm perfect concoction into a giant quart-size jar, scribble a maniacal label and stick it on the jar, drive over to personally deliver this magic of condiments to your friend, and when your friend opens the door you thrust the jar forward and spit out the words, "HERE'S YOUR STUPID MUSTARD!"


The original SPM label is pictured at left. Pay no attention to the beans. 


Then your friend sees the small word "poison"...


AND THEN, without you even knowing, your friend starts making a different Stupid Poison Mustard label to put on jar lids! (See picture in Shop & Cart tab).


Finally you realize that you have created a chronic addict of GoldRush Mustard - an addict that craves not only the heady, spicy, sassysweet taste of GoldRush, but also will only eat out of and buy jars marked "Stupid Poison Mustard". It's exactly the same mustard. 


Some people think you shouldn't name a great mustard "Stupid Poison Mustard". That is why there is GoldRush ORIGINAL - that's the one those people should buy.




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